Finding the Right Vibe for Your Website

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Finding the Right Vibe for Your Website

It’s not just a hippie term. Vibe is not just something that resonates and hums -it’s a feeling you get when your page loads and you decide if it’s a “cool”, “stuck-up”, “fancy”, “dark” or “slick.” So what feeling do you get from your website?

Let’s talk about cool sites.

The coolness factor is simple. Avante-garde, menus in places that you wouldn’t expect. Large images, or tight and tiny with lots of space around. What makes a site cool is the essence of breaking the laws of website expectancy. There is a risk-factor, however with the “cool” website. If your menu is stuck on the right and only pops out when you click the quacking duck  -it’s cool, but who knows that you need to click the duck? No one, that’s who. It’s important to maintain balance with your site design.

Cool must be tempered by common sense, and above all usability. User experience should be 80% of the website’s focus, with the remaining total left for design & cool features.

Keep in mind that your site’s “vibe” can be altered by other means. Shadows. Space. Stark contrast. Compelling photos. Images of people and things that you wouldn’t expect. You can keep it “cool” and still have a highly usable website with a clean feel.

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